Terje Lundaas

Born in Oslo, Norway in 1949, he studied art, craft and design at The Royal Collage of Art, where he earned a bachelors degree in fashion. After spending many years designing at various levels in the fashion industry in Europe and the USA, he chose to exercise his artistic studies that are painting and sculpture. In the last ten years his focus has been dedicated to painting and sculpture.

The remarkable interest in his work has blossomed during the last 10 years beginning with a major exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden, October 1988. Followed by many exhibitions in Scandinavia and the USA. Since the original exhibition, the demand for his work has been overwhelming. His sculptures in glass, ceramics, steel, bronze and paintings are collected particularly for his technique in color field abstractions or more widely known as ''Lyrical Abstractions''.

He now concentrates on designing and blowing glass. He designs and makes glass for hotels like The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida, The Hyatt Resort Waikiki, Hawaii, Ritz Carlton Hotels in Florida. and cruise lines like Royal Caribbean Cruise International and Norwegian Cruise Line.

His Miami Studio is set up for all types of glass work like blown, fused, cast and slumped. He also has been teaching glass blowing at the University of Miami. His work can be found in galleries around the USA.